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Definition: a person who is interested in an art or field of knowledge but has only a superficial understanding of it, but pretends that his or her knowledge is extensive

Synonyms: dabbler, amateur, novice

Antonyms: professional, expert

Tips: Dilettante comes from the Italian word dilettare, "to delight." Its connotation is that someone enjoys doing something, but does not take it seriously enough to become a professional at it. Most often used in relation to the arts and often is used as a critical way of describing someone who simply dabbles in the arts and lacks the discipline to perfect their skill.

Usage Examples:

Richard loves all the arts, but he doesn't know much about any of them; he is a dilettante in sculpture, painting, and music. (dabbler)

You know you're a dilettante if you can say two sentences in more than five foreign languages. (dabbler)

I love to paint, and though I'm just a dilettante at the moment, I hope to become more serious about it in the future and hopefully turn it into a career. (amateur, novice)

He always professed to be knowledgeable about various artists, but when we visited some art galleries together, I realized he was just a dilettante. (dabbler, novice)

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